Tone Overview.

Our tone dictates how we sound to others. When creating content, be sure to stay focused on context. Doing so will determine how you adapt your tone in different scenarios.

Tone is dynamic. It adapts to different scenarios and delivers on the promise of your voice.

How you do it:

  • Use simple, plain language that gets to the point.
  • Don’t assume people know everything we know.
  • Use real examples and show how we achieve results.
  • Learn about people, focusing on key life moments.
  • Build authentic, friend-like relationships.
  • Respond to questions or concerns as quickly as possible.

How you don't do it:

  • Over explanation. Using buzz words and unnecessary repetition.
  • Talk hypothetically and use random facts.
  • Keep things hidden as if no one else has done what we’ve done.
  • Don’t act as if we’re special and know everything about digital advertising.
  • Not understand that people have unique personalities.
  • Ignore emails, phone calls, chats, etc. because we feel is not high priority.