The Blue Tusk Digital brand.

Since opening our (figurative) doors in 2003, our brand has evolved alongside our services to adapt to our clients’ changing needs. To ensure our clients receive the same experience, we introduced core elements that create a consistent brand.

Design-focused, first and foremost.

In a crowded digital space, we make ourselves seen through compelling-design. Our primary goal is to create memorable and lasting, first impressions through every touchpoint and interaction.

Our what.

We provide pay-per-click, paid social, and Google Grant services for small businesses and nonprofits with an average monthly budget of $3,000 to $50,000.

Our how.

Most small businesses and nonprofits only focus on their pre-click strategy (ad creation, website clicks, etc.). We take it several steps further by combining our clients’ current advertising approach with a solid-post-click strategy (CRO, landing page creation, A/B testing).

Our why.

We’re here to further the online growth of small businesses and nonprofits without the overpriced agency rates.

Our values.

  1. Modern marketing techniques and design.
  2. Friendly and approachable people.
  3. Accessible customer service at all times of the day.