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We’re a digital advertising agency for small businesses and nonprofits.

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What you can expect working with us.

You’re part of a fantastic business you can be proud of – you deserve better than just clicks. By combining ads with custom landing pages and conversion rate optimization, we’ve been able to help businesses and nonprofits, small and large, achieve success in pay-per-click, Google Ad Grants, and paid social.
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our approach

You teach us your target audience.

First, we identify your ideal web visitor 🧔 and learn what motivates them to convert. Then, we’ll focus on what makes you different and why someone should choose you over your competition.

You help us understand your goals.

We take the time to discover what you're trying to achieve and set measurable expectations. We also ask: What are your current challenges? What strategies are in place to solve these challenges? What does success look like for you?
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Ashley Eklund, Ad Grants Program Manager
I would highly recommend Blue Tusk Digital. I worked closely with the Blue Tusk team to develop and launch a high-touch training program for some of our Ad Grants recipients. Their expertise and support were critical to the program's success, and their great insights helped improve account performance.
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You’ll get an in-depth review.

We’ll do an in-depth research of your account and analytics to pinpoint the good and identify what's causing waste. We’ll also provide new marketing opportunities through market research. 👀

We provide you with a new strategy.

We take everything we learn and create new ads that align with your vision and goals, all while setting up proper conversion tracking through Google Analytics. Tracking helps us understand which ads are most profitable and which cause waste.

Our focus.

You may have noticed that today’s digital space is very competitive.
To stand out, you need a digital advertising agency that:
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Focuses only on advertising exclusively for small businesses and nonprofits.
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Understands your unique business model.
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Can work with your advertising budget, big or small.
We’re that digital agency. 😁

To provide you with the best service possible, we specialize in 4 key areas:
Pay-per-click, Google Ad Grants, paid social, and lead generation.
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Pay Per Click
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Google Ad Grants
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Paid Social
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Lead Generation
advertising channels we work with
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Javier Folgar, Director of Communications
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I’ve been working with Blue Tusk Digital for several years. At my prior organization, they dramatically improved our Google Ads performance. With their talents and expertise, I knew they would bring the same results to BCI. Within less than a year, Blue Tusk increased our CTR by over 130%, bringing in 225% more supporters to BCI.

We’re not a stone age agency.

Chances are the agency you’re working with is stuck in the stone age, refusing to adapt to marketing’s changing demands. You need more than designs and strategies that are dated, unoriginal, and ineffective. That’s why at Blue Tusk, you can expect a customized, modern solution that addresses your unique needs. So, if you’re ready for the right people to find your organization, our up-to-date and people-focused approach can make it happen for you. Get a free review and learn how we would manage your account.
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A headshot of Jessica Hennessey.
Jess Hennessey, Chief Executive Officer
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Working with Blue Tusk Digital has been nothing but amazing. Our clients have seen amazing returns and positive ROI. They are confident in their work as they are able to explain it clearly and logically. They have been very responsive and trustworthy.

Case studies.

St. Baldrick’s Foundation
How we spend the entire $40K Grant Pro for the first time in account history
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Google Grant
How we achieved a 15X ROI for Harvest using Google Grants.
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Google Grant
Bat Conservation International
How we increased BCI’s monthly unique visitors by over 130%.
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