How to grant user access in Google Tag Managet (GTM)

This tutorial will show you how to give our team access to your GTM account. 😁
Rebecca Castañeda
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Rebecca Castañeda

Step 1: Log in to your account<manly-salmon>.<manly-salmon>

Go to and click on the top right button to log in.

Step 2: Go to your admin settings<manly-salmon>.<manly-salmon>

On the top left of the page, click on Admin.

Step 3: Go to user management<manly-salmon>.<manly-salmon>

You’ll see two columns. Account and Container.

Click on User Management under Account.

A sidebar will appear on the right side of the page.

Step 4: Add a new user<manly-salmon>.<manly-salmon>

Now click on the blue circle button on the top right.

Then, click Add Users.

Step 5: Adjust user access<manly-salmon>.<manly-salmon>

First, you’ll need to type in the email address of the user you want to give access to.

Please give access to

Now, make sure to select both options as shown below.

Then, under Account Permissions, select Read.

A sidebar will appear on the right side of the page.

After all four options have been selected, click on Done.

Now, click Invite. And that’s it. You’re done!

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