How to grant user access in Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

This tutorial will show you how to give our team access to your GA4 account. 👌
Rebecca Castañeda
Written by
Rebecca Castañeda

Step 1: Log into your account<manly-salmon>.<manly-salmon>

This one is pretty straight-forward.

Go to and click on the top right button to login.

Then, select the account/website you’d like to give us access to.

Step 2: Go to your admin settings<manly-salmon>.<manly-salmon>

Now, hover over the gear icon. It’s located at the bottom left of the page.

A sidebar will appear. Click on Admin.

Look for the Property section on the center of the page.

To give us access, you’ll want to click Property Access Management.

Step 3: Add a new user<manly-salmon>.<manly-salmon>

Once the pop-up appears, click the blue plus button located on the top right.

Then, click on Add New Users from the drop-down.

A screenshot of the GA interface. There's a pink arrow pointing at plus blue circle.

Step 4: Grant our team access<manly-salmon>.<manly-salmon>

Now, you’ll want to give access.

Please do not give access to any other Blue Tusk email.

Make sure to select notify this user by email to send us a notification.

A screenshot of the GA interface. There's a pink arrow pointing at our support email.

Please select Administrator.

This is crucial, so we can create goals that will be counted as conversions in your account.

Then, click Add. That’s it!