How to create a Google Tag Manager (GTM) account

This tutorial will show you how to create a GTM account. 😊
Rebecca Castañeda
Written by
Rebecca Castañeda

Step 1: Start the process<manly-salmon>.<manly-salmon>

Go to and click on the top right button to begin.

Then, click on Create Account.

Step 2: Setting up your account<manly-salmon>.<manly-salmon>

First, under Account Name, add your website.

Then, under Container Setup, add your business name.

If you keep scrolling, under Target Platform, select Web.

Step 3: The finishing touches<manly-salmon>.<manly-salmon>

Once your account setup is complete, a pop-up will appear displaying the Terms & Conditions.

Click Yes.

Once you press yes, you’ll get your script to add to your website.

Then, add the script to your website. That’s it. You're done!