How to accept a Google Ads invite


This tutorial will show you how to accept the Google Ads invite from our team. 👍
Rebecca Castañeda
Written by
Rebecca Castañeda

Step 1: Log into your account<manly-salmon>.<manly-salmon>

Go to and click on the top right button to log in.

Be sure to sign in with the email associated with your account.

This may be different from your work or personal email.

Step 2: Navigate the settings menu<manly-salmon>.<manly-salmon>

Once signed in, at the top right, click Tools & Settings.

Then, a pop-up will appear.

Under Setup, click Access and Security.

Step 3: Accept the invite<manly-salmon>.<manly-salmon>

Now, click Managers.

You should see our invite.

Double-check the invite was sent from

Once you’ve confirmed that we've sent the invite, click Accept.

One last pop-up will appear.

Click Grant Access.

And that's it! You’re done!

Our team will automatically receive a notification that you’ve accepted the invite.