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Do you feel your Google Ad Grant is being wasted?

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Is your landing page not converting the way it should?
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Are your ads not paired with a custom landing page?
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Are you overspending on your Google Ad Grant management?
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Have unreliable agencies burned you before?
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Need help coming up with clear and consistent ads?
If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, don’t worry, you’re not alone. We’re here to help you get the most out of your Google Grant account. 👇

Why choose our Google Ad Grant team?

You’re part of an organization that you can be genuinely proud of – you deserve better than just clicks. By pairing your Google Ad Grant ads with tailored, branded landing pages and conversion rate optimization (CRO), we’ve been able to help nonprofits like yours achieve success online.
Google grant approach
Google Grant management path describing our approach.

You teach us your target audience.

First, we identify your ideal web visitor 🧔 and learn what motivates them to get involved. Then, we’ll focus on what makes you different and what sets you apart from other nonprofits in your industry.

You’ll get recommended keywords.

We’ll use powerful tools like Ahrefs to provide you with a list of recommended keywords to target. We’ll also take a sneak peek 👀 into your competitor’s ads, so you can beat them at their own strategy.
A headshot of Ashley Eklund.
Ashley Eklund, Ad Grants Program Manager

I would highly recommend Blue Tusk Digital. I worked closely with the Blue Tusk team to develop and launch a high-touch training program for some of our Ad Grants recipients. Their expertise and support were critical to the program's success, and their great insights helped improve account performance.

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You’ll get an in-depth review.

We’ll do an in-depth research of your Google Grant account and organic website traffic. We’ll get rid of mistakes and double down on what's working. 👍

We provide you with a new strategy.

We take everything we learn and create new ads that align with your vision and goals while setting up proper conversion tracking through Google Analytics. Tracking helps us understand which ads are most profitable and which cause waste.
what’s included in our

Google Ad Grant management service.

dedicated certified team
Our working relationships with nonprofits go all the way to 2013, and we happen to be one of the first ten agencies to receive Google’s certification.  
We’ll have your nonprofit approved for a GoogleGrant as part of our service. Even better, you’ll benefit from our 100% success rate.
suspension reversal
We’re here to help you reactivate your Grant, which is included in the Google Grant management plan you choose, 100% free of charge.
account clean up
We’ll take a deep dive into your analytics and account to strengthen what’s working, and we’ll cut out waste that’s holding you back.
pre and post-click
We’ll build an efficient pre and post-click strategy alongside Google Analytics to guarantee your conversions are tracked down to the root keyword.
keyword research
We’ll maximize the value of your Google Grant by providing you with a thorough recommendation of relevant paid and organic keywords.
custom reporting
Track your weekly, quarterly, and yearly campaign results in a way that best suits you. We’re here to customize our reports to support your needs.
flexible contracts
We’re here to serve nonprofits! Only require a three-month agreement followed by month-to-month with no set-up or hidden fees.
template-free landing pages

CRO is the key to effectively use Google Ad Grants.

Our number one priority is to create high-quality and high-converting traffic. 🚀  We make this happen by aligning your Google Grant strategy with conversion rate optimization (CRO). From there, we send your targeted traffic to relevant, high-converting, and completely original landing pages. In the end, your potential donors are moved to take meaningful action.

All Google Grant work is done in-house.

Custom landing pages will boost 🚀 your ad performance, but the creation process can get messy if it's not done correctly. Having too many teams involved can slow down productivity.

To avoid delays, all of our Google Grant management work, from creating memorable ads to building custom landing pages, is done in-house.
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A/B testing for more conversions.

For us, powerful Google Ad Grant campaigns always combine two vital elements:
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A relevant, user-friendly landing page.
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Continuous A/B testing.
Want more conversions? Start utilizing split testing. It’s been proven that split testing can catapult a page’s conversions by 60%.
Not all testing is created equal icon

Not all testing is created equal.

While we are big believers in A/B testing, we know what to split test and what not to. Only split testing button colors isn’t why we’re CRO experts. We only test ideas that can significantly improve your conversions and conversion rate.
A custom representing "conversion rate optimization (CRO)". This icon contains our branded look and colors.
A headshot of Amanda Hinski.
Amanda Hinski, Chief Marketing Officer
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A few years ago, Frost Valley applied for the “Google Grants Pro.” We now receive $40,000 per month in advertising. Managing Google Ads on my own was a task that I not only didn’t have time for but was out of my realm of expertise. I have worked with Blue Tusk Digital for several years now, and we talk about our camp’s goals and what programs we need to push. About 23% of our website traffic comes from ads, and there’s no way we could reach that many people without Blue Tusk’s Google Grant management expertise.

Google Ad Grant case studies.

St. Baldrick’s Foundation
How we spend the entire $40K Grant Pro for the first time in account history
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Google Grant
How we achieved a 15X ROI for Harvest using Google Grants.
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Google Grant
Bat Conservation International
How we increased BCI’s monthly unique visitors by over 130%.
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Google Grant
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Are we a match?

We’re excited about the opportunity to work together and understand you’ll have some questions before getting the ball rolling. This quick Q&A covers a lot of the PPC basics. If you have additional questions, drop a quick “hello” if you want to speak to us directly, and one of our friendly reps will be in touch!
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Do you require long-term agreements?

All agreements are-short term followed by month-to-month for our Google Grant Management services. 👏
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Are you Google Grant certified?

We most certainly are. We were among the first ten agencies to receive certification from Google. It’s safe to say that we are Google Grant connoisseurs. 🤓
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What if we don’t have a Google Grant?

Not a problem. If you’re still working on getting your Google Grant, we’ll have your nonprofit approved as part of our standard service – take advantage of our 100% success rate. 😁
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Will you help me reactivate my account?

Absolutely. We’re here to help you reactivate your Grant as a part of the Google Grant management plan you choose – 100% free of charge. 😲
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Will you keep me compliant every month?

There are dozens of compliance regulations, and it can be a challenge to maintain your status. As a certified agency, you can count on our expertise to ensure you stay compliant and receive your $10K every month. 💯
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How often will you optimize my account?

We’ll maximize your Google Grant’s potential by tuning up your account with the following tasks weekly – or as often as your nonprofit’s unique situation requires. 🤗

• A/B ad split testing
• A/B landing page split testing
• Analytics improvements
• Competitor analysis
• Keyword expansion
• Negative keyword additions
• ROI conversion tracking
• Single theme AdGroups (STAG)
• Single keyword AdGroups (SKAG)
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What can I expect in the first 30-days?

Within the first 30-days, we’ll take the time to understand your nonprofit’s objectives and values. From there, we’ll conduct exhaustive keyword research, thoroughly look into your data, build highly effective conversion tracking that gets to the root keyword, and we’ll apply The Olympic Technique. 🙌
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Do you place limits on campaigns, AdGroups, or ads?

We’ll build as many Campaigns, AdGroups, and ads as you need to suit your unique needs. We refuse to place limits, unlike other agencies. 👌
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What you’ll get in your free review.

Maximize your budget
Discover what campaigns are wasting your budget.
Best practices
Learn best practices for the ad platform you’re using.
Website performance
Find out how to improve your website to boost performance.
competitor research
See what campaigns/ads your competitors are running.
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