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You’ll learn if your ad spend is inflated.
Sometimes we notice the ad spend is coming from places like Africa, the Philippines, and other similar locations. Unless that was your intention, it seems like your ad spend is being inflated. 🚩
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You’ll learn if your account has structural issues.
Having close to a thousand keywords, or worse, a few thousand keywords, in your account can be a cause for concern. It’s not always, but it can be. We’ll point out any other issues with your account. 🚩
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You’ll learn about conversion tracking.
It’s normal for new accounts or campaigns to have high low-tier conversions, but they should be phased out over time. We’ll show you what you’re tracking and whether it’s being tracked correctly. 🚩
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How long does it take to complete the review?

You can typically expect your review to be completed in only 7-10 business days. ⚡
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How will I receive my review?

We’ll schedule a call with you to discuss our findings through Google Meet. 💻
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What if we want to hire you after the review?

We’ll send you a custom proposal that aligns with your ad platform and budget. If you’d like to get the ball rolling right away, email us at hello@bluetuskdigital.com. 😃

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I’m Michael, but feel free to call me Mike. Along with our CEO, I keep a close eye on all our accounts and account managers. With over a decade of leadership experience and masterminding everything PPC, you can be confident that your account will be in the best hands. If you’re ready to learn how your account is performing get your free review from me today!

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