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How we increased monthly visitors by over 130%

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Founded in 1982, Bat Conservation International (BCI) is a globally recognized conservation organization dedicated to preventing the extinction of bats. By working with other like-minded organizations, BCI continues to meet its goal of revolutionizing global conservation via technology, cutting-edge tools, and comprehensive training.

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The Problem

Provide value to the board in only 3-months


A long-lasting relationship.
Even though our relationship with BCI began in 2019, we had already developed a relationship with the organization’s Director of Communications, Javier Folgar. While working with the Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ATC), Javier was so impressed with the work we did for ATC that he asked us to help BCI handle their current account issues.

The problem.
When we first spoke with Javier regarding BCI, he mentioned their Google Grant had not been monitored for a few months. Javier understood that starting over would take a few months, so we set a goal of drastically reversing the account’s performance and achieving tangible results within six months. With that ambitious goal in mind and no preliminary data to lean on, we had our work cut out for us, but we wholeheartedly believed we were ready for the challenge. Below you’ll see the numbers BCI’s numbers before working with us.

May 2019:

  • Ad spend: $233.38
  • Clicks: 208
  • CTR: 6.86%
  • Conversions: 0
  • Conversion Rate: 0%

To foster the type of success BCI wanted and deserved, we used the solutions below. 🙌

Google Grant
Custom Landing Pages
Conversion Rate Optimization
Quality Traffic
Javier Folgar, Director of Communications
Javier Folgar, Director of Communications
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I’ve been working with Blue Tusk Digital for several years. At my prior organization, they dramatically improved our Google Ads performance. With their talents and expertise, I knew they would bring the same results to BCI. Within less than a year, Blue Tusk increased our CTR by over 130%, bringing in 225% more supporters to BCI.

The results

We used Google Analytics for quality traffic


BCI's website is amazing and made our six month goal achievable. Their website has a ton of resources, including blogs, guides, and videos. Their website’s content included everything from creating bat houses to instructions on removing bats from your home. In this regard, the BCI website was an encyclopedia on all things bat.

Using Google Analytics for success.
Since their website had such great content, we knew they were ranking organically for important keywords. We used Google Analytics (GA) to determine which pages received the highest traffic with the lowest bounce and exit rate.

Implementing our new strategy.
Our initial research showed us that keywords from GA were going to be a great fit. Once we selected the keywords we wanted to focus on, we created a landing page to focus on lead generation, and allow users to subscribe to get the content they wanted quickly. Overall, after six months of split testing and pivoting based on the collected data, we consistently maxed out BCI’s Google Grant, increased their unique website visitors, and much more! Below you’ll see the numbers that prove BCI's success. 👇

Increased monthly unique website visitors by 13X.
Achieved a conversion rate (CVR) over 10%.
Increased total ad spend by over $10,000.
Improved click-through rate (CTR) by 133%.

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