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Do you feel your PPC budget is being wasted?

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Are you not tracking tier 1 or tier 2 conversions in Google Analytics?
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Is your landing page not converting the way it should?
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ROI not where it needs to be?
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Have you been burned by unreliable agencies before?
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Need help coming up with clear and consistent ads?
If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, don’t worry, you’re not alone. We’re here to help you get the most out of your PPC campaigns. 👍

Why choose our PPC team?

You’ve worked hard to build a fantastic business – you deserve better than empty clicks. By combining ads with custom landing pages and conversion rate optimization (CRO), we’ve been able to help companies like yours achieve success with PPC management, paid social, Amazon, and many more platforms.
PPC management path describing our approach.
our approach

You teach us your target audience.

First, we identify your ideal buyer’s persona 🧔 and learn what motivates them to convert. Then, we’ll hammer down what makes you different and why you edge out the competition.

You help us understand your ROI.

We take the time to discover what you're trying to achieve and set measurable expectations. We also ask: What are your current challenges? What strategies are in place to solve these challenges? What does success look like for you?
A headshot of Ashley Eklund.
Ashley Eklund, Ad Grants Program Manager
I would highly recommend Blue Tusk Digital. I worked closely with the Blue Tusk team to develop and launch a high-touch training program for some of our Ad Grants recipients. Their expertise and support were critical to the program's success, and their great insights helped improve account performance.
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You’ll get an in-depth PPC review.

We’ll take a deep dive into your account’s analytics to pinpoint the good and identify what's causing waste. We’ll also provide new marketing opportunities through competitor research. 👀

We provide you with a new strategy.

We take everything we learn to create new ads and pair them with custom landing pages while setting up effective tracking in Google Analytics. When tracking is done right, it helps us see the most profitable ads versus the most wasteful.
what’s included in our

PPC management services.

dedicated certified team
You’ll have your very own team to keep your account in tip-top shape: an account rep, CRO designer, Director of PPC, and our CEO.
paid social
We’ll take the guesswork out of the process and provide a cost-effective solution for Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, or any other platform.
Customers don’t always convert on the first try. We’ll give them a nudge (or a few) so you can turn a missed opportunity into sales.
It’s all yours
Anything and everything we do belongs to you. Even when our job is done, 100% of the material we provide while working together will be yours.
Custom landing pages
Driving traffic to your websites only matters if it’s converting. We’ll create dynamic, original landing pages that deliver real results. No templates, ever!
We’ll write compelling copy for your landing pages that drive conversions. Building effective text for additional creatives is also in our wheelhouse.
custom reporting
Keep track of your campaign results weekly, quarterly, yearly. or any timeframe you need. We tailor reports that align your goals.
flexible contracts
We’re here to serve you! Only require a three-month agreement followed by month-to-month with no set-up or hidden fees.

Our PPC management philosophy.

You may have noticed that today’s digital space is very competitive, specially for small businesses.
To beat your online competition, you need an agency that:
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Focuses exclusively on digital advertising.
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Understands your business model.
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Can work with your advertising budget, big or small.
We’re that PPC management agency. 😁

To provide you with the best possible PPC management service, we focus on lead generation, eCommerce, and SaaS.
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lead generation
A custom representing "eCommerce". This icon contains our branded look and colors.
A custom representing "SaaS". This icon contains our branded look and colors.
PPC channels we work with
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We’re not a stone age agency.

Chances are, the agency you’re working with is stuck in the stone age, refusing to adapt to marketing’s changing demands. You need more than dated, unoriginal, and ineffective designs and strategies. At Blue Tusk, you can expect customized, modern solutions that address your unique needs. So, if you’re ready for the right people to find your organization, our up-to-date and people-focused approach can make it happen for you – Get your free review and learn how we would manage your account.
A picture of the inside of the cave. In this picture there are old marketing techniques, like cold calling, and we're showing that only cave mans still use these techniques.
A headshot of Brenna Croom.
Brenna Croom, Marketing and Public Relations Manager
We have been very happy with the results of our PPC marketing with Blue Tusk Digital. Our conversions have increased by at least 50% while our cost per lead has decreased by over 120%. They’re great to work with and a dedicated partner!
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PPC case studies.

St. Baldrick’s Foundation
How we spend the entire $40K Grant Pro for the first time in account history
Read case study
Google Grant
How we achieved a 15X ROI for Harvest using Google Grants.
Read case study
Google Grant
Bat Conservation International
How we increased BCI’s monthly unique visitors by over 130%.
Read case study
Google Grant
View case studies

Are we a match?

We’re excited about the opportunity to work together and understand you’ll have some questions before getting the ball rolling. This quick Q&A covers a lot of the PPC basics. If you have additional questions, drop a quick “hello” if you want to speak to us directly, and one of our friendly reps will be in touch!
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What’s your PPC management pricing?

We only charge a flat monthly fee for our PPC management services – this means you never have to worry about paying us more when we spend more. 😉
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What type of ad spends do you work with?

Ad spend varies from client to client, but on average, we manage between $3,000 to $10,000 per month for PPC and paid social. We’ve also managed budgets as high as $750,000 per month. 💰
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Do you charge any set-up fees or charge anything extra?

No hidden or set-up fees. Everything is a flat monthly fee. 🤩
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What type of reporting do you offer?

We provide monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports. You can also request weekly reports. It’s up to you! 🙌
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Do you keep everything you create, or do we own it?

It’s always yours – 100%. If we part ways, we send everything we created your way. 🖖
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Do I have access to my account?

Always. You’re the admin on all your PPC accounts. Transparency is key, and nothing is hidden, unlike other agencies. 🤯
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Do you place limits on campaigns, AdGroups, or ads?

We’ll build as many Campaigns, AdGroups, and ads as you need to suit your unique needs. We refuse to place limits, unlike other agencies. 👌
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Will you be creating a new account or use my existing one?

We encourage you to keep your current account, but it’s up to you. ✨
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What if we don’t need CRO?

We believe you can’t truly have one without the other, but this is something we can workout out based on your goals. 🪄
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How often will you optimize my account?

We’ll maximize your PPC’s potential by tuning up your account with the following tasks as often as your unique situation requires. 🤗

• A/B ad split testing
• A/B landing page split testing
• Analytics improvements
• Competitor analysis
• Keyword expansion
• Negative keyword additions
• ROI conversion tracking
• Single theme AdGroups (STAG)
• Single keyword AdGroups (SKAG)

And so much more is offered with our PPC management service!
No obligations. No BS. 💩

Free account review.

Maximize your budget
Discover what campaigns are wasting your budget.
Best practices
Learn best practices for the ad platform you’re using.
Website performance
Find out how to improve your website to boost performance.
competitor research
See what campaigns/ads your competitors are running.
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