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Understanding the Google Grant.

The Google Grant presents a wonderful opportunity for nonprofits, regardless of their size. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to acknowledge the limitations that come with the grant. The key to achieving success lies in devising strategies that can effectively overcome these limitations. That’s where our expertise comes into play. We’re here to help you implement the right strategies. 🤓
bidding and market share

The two big limitations.

Undoubtedly, the Google Grant is a valuable asset for nonprofits, but it’s important to acknowledge its strengths and weaknesses. It’s worth mentioning that the Google Grant may not be the most effective means of fundraising, so it’s important not to be misled. Now, let’s explore the two significant weaknesses many struggle with and why it’s not ideal for fundraising.

Limited bidding.

The grant has ✌️ two significant limitations. The first one we’ll explore is quite familiar: you cannot outbid a paid competitor. This implies that even if a paid account bids lower than you for the same keyword, they will still outrank you. Let’s take a look at what most paid competitors are doing.
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Creating smart local campaigns.
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Utilizing Performance Max campaigns.
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Bidding on bottom of the funnel keywords.
Many nonprofits focus on volunteer and donation keywords; it’s worth mentioning that prominent organizations such as St. Jude and UNICEF are also competing for these terms. Due to their size, it’s safe to assume they’re not relying on the grant but instead opting for a paid account. This is why the Google Grant is not great for fundraising. 😔
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10% search impression share.

Unfortunately, most nonprofits are unaware of this next limitation: most accounts will have an average search impression share (market share) of less than 10%. 🤯 This means that if your keyword is searched 1,000 times a month, you’ll only appear up to 10% of the time. That same keyword might only be searched 100 times locally, and with the 10% cap applying at a local level, this is the reason why many local charities find it challenging to utilize the grant.

Although this limitation cannot be avoided, with the right strategy in place, you can focus on appearing the full 10% and, at times, even go higher than the capped market share for individual keywords.
marketing funnel and quality score

Working around those limitations.

So, now we know that our bids and market share have limitations. To recap: We’re unable to outperform any paid competitors, and our impression share (market share) is below 10% on average. However, even though our market share is limited, can we make an effort to steer clear of paid competitors? Absolutely! Let’s delve into the topic of marketing funnels and quality score. 👇

Marketing funnel.

Paid accounts use bottom of the funnel keywords. These keywords are designed to drive CTAs and are commonly used in revenue-generating campaigns. Below, you’ll find nonprofits’ most common strategies for bottom of the funnel.
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Seeking new volunteers.
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Donation or fundraising campaigns.
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Generating new corporate sponsors.
The majority of paid accounts aren’t targeting top of the funnel keywords, which is a great opportunity for your Google Grant. By emphasizing an awareness strategy (top of funnel), you can steer clear of bidding against paid competitors. 😎
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Quality score.

By now, we’ve understood the importance of using top of funnel keywords. So, you might wonder why your ad would be prioritized over another nonprofit’s if you’re both using the same keyword. The answer is actually quite simple - it all boils down to quality score.

A quality score is made up of:
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Ad relevance.
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Landing page experience.
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Expected click-through rate (CTR).
With a high quality score, not only do you outperform other nonprofits, but you also reduce your cost per click (CPC) and you can maximize the full 10% search impression share, and even surpass it (at times).
short and long version power pages

Putting everything to work.

You’ve got a good grasp on the two main limitations (bidding and impression share), the importance of focusing on top of the funnel keywords, and how to make the most of your search impression share using quality score. We’ve combined all of this into one strategy: Power Pages.

Introducing Power Pages.

A power page is a landing page that is optimized to be search engine-friendly. 🤖 It has several benefits, and we have highlighted a few of them below.
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Long lasting ad spend.
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Improves organic (SEO) listings.
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Helps achieve a high quality score.
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Increases market share and lowers CPC.
The idea is to use a tool like Ahrefs to find high search volume keywords with low competition. By using those keywords not only in your content but also in your meta tags, slug, and headers, you’re more than likely to have a power page that produces the results that you’re looking for.
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Short and long versions.

Short: This is typically what you would call a standard page on your website. This version is created when there are limited keywords or not enough bandwidth to create longer versions. See examples below.
Long: This version will result in better performance. The main reason behind this is the abundance of keywords and content on the page. In essence, a long version power page is the same as a blog or content piece. See examples below.
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Can we use our grant for bottom of the funnel keywords?

Yes, of course! Ideally, all accounts should have a mixture of top and bottom of the funnel keywords. We’ll make sure your account focuses on both. 🤩
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Do we have to create new landing pages?

No, not at all! We can help you optimize the current pages on your website. To give you an idea, here’s an example of a page we recently optimized for one of our clients. 🫶
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Should Power Pages be included in the navbar?

It’s completely your choice. You have the freedom to decide whether your Power Page should be included in your navbar or not. If you prefer, it can be exclusively available to those who click on your Google Grant ads. 🙌
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Can a local nonprofit utilize the entire $10,000 monthly budget?

Absolutely, but local nonprofits would have to broaden their reach. Typically, this involves targeting a larger radius, which could be as wide as 200 miles from their location, or even targeting the entire state. 🎯 The specific keywords used will determine the extent of their target area. Local nonprofits can expect to spend around 10-50% of their monthly grant budget without expanding their geo targeting.
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Does Blue Tusk provide the content for the Power Pages?

We’ll find keywords with a high search volume and low competition for your pages. Additionally, we’ll provide an outline that includes the slug (URL), meta tags, and headers. Consider this outline as the framework for your Power Page. We can create the content itself, but that’s a separate fee. 👍
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What if we want to hire you after the review?

We’ll send you a custom proposal that aligns with your ad platform and budget. If you’d like to get the ball rolling right away, email us at hello@bluetuskdigital.com. 😃

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