How to create a Universal Analytics account


This tutorial will show you how to add a Universal Analytics account to GA4. 🤙
Rebecca Castañeda
Written by
Rebecca Castañeda

Step 1: Log into your account<manly-salmon>.<manly-salmon>

This one is pretty straight-forward. Go to and click on the top right button to login. Then, select the account/website you would like to give us access to.

Step 2: Go to your settings<manly-salmon>.<manly-salmon>

Now, click on Admin. It's located at the bottom left of the page.

A pink arrow pointing at admin.

You’ll now see two columns: Account and Property.

Click on Create Property in the middle column.

A pink arrow pointing at create property.

Step 3: Create a UA account<manly-salmon>.<manly-salmon>

You’ll now be prompted to create a new property.

Under Property Name, name your property.

Pro tip: Name the property your business website.

A pink line underlining property name.

Now, click Show Advanced Options.

A pink arrow pointing at show advanced options.

Then, toggle the switch (it will turn <ava-blue>blue<ava-blue>) under Create a Universal Analytics.

A pink arrow pointing at a toggle switch.

Once you do, enter your website URL, and toggle Create a Universal Analytics property only.

Now, click Next.

A pink arrow pointing at website url, create a universal analytics property, and the blue next button.

You’ll now enter details about your business.

Three pink arrows pointing individually at industry category, business size, and business goals.

Then, click Create, and you’re done!